Open Letter to President Obama: Sexual Assault, Rape, and the Welfare of Your Troops

March 8, 2014 Dear President Obama, Some years ago when I had the privilege of serving in the United States Army, my concept of America changed. Serving side by side … Continue Reading →

The New American Assimilation Problem, Part II

The relationship between assimilation and success is so self-evident to most Americans that one is reluctant to call it into question. After all, the alleged failure of blacks to assimilate … Continue Reading →

America’s Liberal State: Perhaps Too Efficient for Its Own Good

The wobbly first steps of Obamacare have everyone alternatively delighted or nervous at its seeming failure. When introduced, government programs are a lot like thoroughbreds: they make an ungainly debut … Continue Reading →

A Second Open Letter to President Obama: A Reverse Southern Strategy

Dear President Obama, Abraham Lincoln would have been proud of your performance in beating down the Southern-led Republicans on Obamacare, the government shutdown, and the debt-ceiling limit. Masterful. And on … Continue Reading →

The End of the Cold War and the Origins of America’s Dyspeptic Politics

Today our country is on the verge of yet another government shutdown and in less than a month we face another debt-limit crisis. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews longs for the days … Continue Reading →