Why Black Death by Cop Is Worse than Death by White Mob

When our study of lynching catches up to the reality that many who were murdered are not in any database, there will probably be about 5,000 names on the rolls. … Continue Reading →

Liberal American Exceptionalism, Faux Multiculturalism, and Ethnoracial Communities in America

Oh, here we go again conflating all forms of segregation and treating them as inherently problematic, racist, and un-American. According to the Business Insider, “Racial segregation in America is lasting … Continue Reading →

Malcolm X Liberation University Redux?

When I think about what is happening at American colleges and universities, including and perhaps especially historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), with the rise of STEM and the decline … Continue Reading →

The Vulture Intellectuals (LLC) Are Swooping in on the NAACP Branches

Now that the Sterling incident has awakened the Black public to the dependence of the NAACP on corporate money (duh), some of our full-time, self-incorporated public intellectuals have started swooping … Continue Reading →

Open Letter to President Obama: Sexual Assault, Rape, and the Welfare of Your Troops

March 8, 2014 Dear President Obama, Some years ago when I had the privilege of serving in the United States Army, my concept of America changed. Serving side by side … Continue Reading →

The New American Assimilation Problem, Part II

The relationship between assimilation and success is so self-evident to most Americans that one is reluctant to call it into question. After all, the alleged failure of blacks to assimilate … Continue Reading →

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